Have you heard the news? We’ve been changing a lot recently.

Blue Ocean Market has moved to a bigger location just a few doors down from our original spot. Come find us at 2400 Bridges Street, still in the heart of Morehead City! Because of the move and the additional space at our new location, we are now able to offer you more variety and convenience right in our shop.

Prepared Meals from Chef Anthony Garnett

We’ve brought on renowned chef, Anthony Garnett, to begin offering ready-made meals and snacks for you to enjoy! With new creations every week, Chef Anthony is offering up a unique way for you to experience the freshest selection of seafood on the Crystal Coast! He is also available to answer questions on seafood preparation so you can feel comfortable with every purchase you make.


Wines To GoWine available at Blue Ocean Market

Complement your meals with a perfectly-paired glass of red or white wine. There’s no need to make multiple stops on your way home from work, pick up your meal along with a refreshing drink all from Blue Ocean. Chat with our crew to learn about the notes of each of our offerings and learn what dish the wine pairs with best.

Fresh Fish

Our storefront may have changed but one thing remains the same: you can still count on our team to bring in the highest quality and freshest catch on the Crystal Coast. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of fresh, local seafood from off the coast of North Carolina. With our new location, we are able to continually provide these options for you and other local businesses across the country. We guarantee that our fish are sustainably-caught and fresh off the boat. Along with our prepared dishes and cut filets, we also offer whole fish options!

Stop by our market today to learn more about the new options available as well as other big changes that are in the works! We love getting your feedback so feel free to tag us in your photos and share your reviews with us on Facebook and Instagram!