Fresh Seafood in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Blue Ocean Market is proud to serve Atlantic Beach with a variety of fresh and locally caught North Carolina seafood.

We’re proud to provide Atlantic Beach with fresh, sustainably caught seafood caught in our North Carolina waters daily. Not only featured here on the Crystal Coast, our fish can also be found around the nation in some of the world’s finest restaurants.

Whether you’re delighting in a seafood dish from a restaurant prepared by an expert chef or enjoying some fresh catch purchased from our market, we guarantee it’s fresh and caught off the shores of North Carolina. Our fish are wild caught, never farmed, and domestic unless otherwise noted when purchasing salmon from our fishing partners outside of this area.

Not only can you find the best, local seafood, we’re also excited to offer delicious items off our prepared menu. Chef Jeremiah Tryon prepares our seafood in delicious ways – such as Wahoo Salad, Kale Salad, Crab Cakes, and more – that you can take home and enjoy daily. If you have ever wanted to enjoy more seafood while visiting Atlantic Beach, Blue Ocean Market makes it easy. Simply stop by the market today and see what is on the menu and fresh from our waters.

Get the freshest seafood in Atlantic Beach North Carolina from Blue Ocean Market.

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