Our Fishermen

fisherman at blue ocean marketBlue Ocean Market was started over 10 years ago by some great guys who love seafood and fishing. Today it serves both local restaurants and restaurants throughout the country. Our market offers sustainably-caught, local seafood for both visitors and residents of the Crystal Coast. Our fleet of fishermen are the backbone of our business. They wake up early and head out on the water every day to ensure that fresh, local fish are available for you to enjoy either at your home or at one of the restaurants here or across the nation. They have a passion for fishing and it shows in the care that they take with each fish caught and brought to the market.

fisherman at blue ocean marketOur fishermen not only fish the sounds and rivers but also fish off the coast of North Carolina near the Gulf Stream. These vast opportunities allow them to get a wide variety of local fish, shrimp and other shellfish. The sounds and rivers have shrimp, clams, oysters, and crabs in them as well. They catch gag grouper, red grouper, vermillion, the further you go the more seafood options you see. Our waters also get cold currents from the north that brings in the tuna and other cold water fish like wahoo from time to time. Our fisherman also care about the health of our oceans and local waterways. They work to ensure that each catch is healthy and vibrant ensuring more catches later from our very own renewable ocean source without ever over fishing.

Our fleet of fisherman take pride in providing you fresh North Carolina seafood. Blue Ocean Market’s seafood is fresh and straight off the boat so you can catch and eat your favorite meal tonight just like you caught it yourself.